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Pay Per Call

Performance Marketing

Only about ten percent of annual US advertising spend is dedicated to online marketing and even less carved out for performance marketing. Marketers have budgets heavily invested in less trackable and more expensive forms of offline media such as TV, radio, print, outdoor, and even mobile and are looking to find ways to optimize, track and improve the performance of those dollars.

Call performance marketing is more than just call tracking. For Pay Per Call Advertisers and businesses who value phone calls or transact a significant percentage of their business through a call center, knowing which media and marketing efforts are driving calls is a fundamental requirement.  Call tracking has been around for decades; however, it has never before gained any real traction in online advertising.

Astoria Company utilizes the latest pay per call technology that has finally matured into an undeniable platform to gain high-quality new customers like never before in history. Today, more Advertisers and nearly all of the leading online performance agencies are seeking to leverage pay per call performance marketing because their advertisers demand more than just call tracking.  They need an instant, direct connection to their new customers.

Pay Per Call performance marketing delivers the power of performance through every marketing channel you have with a complete solution that includes:

• Pay-Per-Call
• Call Tracking
• Click-to-Call
• Call Analytics
• Search Keyword Call Services

Call performance marketing is all about driving more revenue to your business through high-quality calls. Read about the results real advertisers and publishers are seeing with call performance marketing.

• 30-50% average conversion rates.
• 5-30% uplift in click-through rates.
• Average order values 2x of online orders.
• Easy to get started — Contact Us and launch a campaign in less than 30 minutes.